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Ernie Button


For over 35 years, Phoenix, Arizona has been my home.  For much of my adult life, photography has provided me a forum to communicate my past & present, my humor & concerns, my observations & explorations.  It has undeniably changed the way I see the world; how I look at individuals, places, or objects.  Although my subject matter varies, my images focus on the individual nature of objects (and occasionally people) and the unique qualities that each possesses.  My images often provide a voice to objects that are ignored and are frequently overlooked or taken for granted.


Ernie Button

  • Architecture of Amusement
  • Riding Through Lishui:  The Pleasant Goat Experience
  • Roman
  • 7 Days in Beijing
  • Back & Forth
  • Vanishing Spirits 2.0:  More Dried Remains of Scotch
  • Cerealism
  • Clearing the Land
  • Made in China
  • Vanishing Spirits – The Dried Remains of Single Malt Scotch
  • Monumental China
  • Places and Spaces
  • Playing in the Shadows of Space
  • Portraits in Plastic
  • Riding Through Lishui
  • The Imaginary Combat of Little Green Army Men
  • Scottish